It is no secret that the agricultural industry in the USA has been trending towards large, industrial farms. Families are being pushed off their land, and small family-owned organic farms are becoming a thing of the past. But there is hope for these farmers yet! They have taken to social media to save themselves from extinction with help from companies like Organic Valley Family of Farms.

The organic farming industry is growing

Consumers want food that is free from pesticides and other chemicals used in conventional agriculture practices.

For those with an appetite for organic produce, a number of small, family-owned farms across the country are meeting rising demand. With issues like global warming and sustainability becoming increasingly prominent in the U.S., consumers are seeking out small organic farms with a smaller carbon footprint.

Organic farms are often family-owned and operated. Sustainable animal welfare practices have become an important factor for consumers who buy animal products from small family-operated farms – it’s no longer enough simply to be “free range.”

This trend is not just limited to organic produce. Smaller family-owned farms are offering a variety of products, including meats and dairy. They may focus on more localized or regional food offerings that larger companies cannot provide due to the distances involved in distribution.

Increased Technology Availability

Availability of technology and faster broadband connections in rural areas makes more technology available to smaller farmers. The availability of broadband internet in rural areas increases marketing options, like social media, so they have a larger reach for consumers. Additionally, as technology like crop monitoring becomes more popular among small farms across America, the farm can become more efficient without sacrificing their organic certification.

Small farmers are innovating with new forms of technology such as solar power and wind energy which allow them to stay competitive while providing sustainable options for their customers.

Organic farms can be found in all 50 states.

The availability of local foods has grown exponentially in recent years because both grocery stores and restaurants offer locally sourced items from smaller producers.

Small farms across America are defying industry trends with increased marketing, produces conventionality, and instead of going out of business, they’re becoming a more viable option for customers. Organic farms can be found in all 50 states, the availability of local food has grown exponentially in recent years because both grocery stores and restaurants offer locally sourced goods from smaller producers.

Increased Demand

There’s a rising demand for organic products, but not enough supply to meet it.

Organic farms have been on a steady rise since 2006 when organic produce was introduced into mainstream markets like Whole Foods and Walmart which made it easier than ever before for consumers to purchase organic fruits and vegetables without having to take extra time or make additional efforts just so they could buy an item at

The number of certified organic operations has grown by more than 500% since 2002, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) report 

According to the most recent U.S. Census of Agriculture, organic farming is on the rise in America for many reasons: it’s cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and even healthier!

There’s more work to be done

It is believed that Big Agriculture still makes up more than half of the agricultural industry. Larger farmers are using pesticides that seep into the soil, crops, and consequently our food supply.

As consumers need to seek out small family organic farmers who practice chemical-free and sustainable farming practices. Ways to do this are to visit farmers’ markets and source produce from local organic farms. The website has a search for Farmers’ Markets and Farms that helps consumers find family farms across the country.


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